Angel Breakfast

The Angel Breakfast is held each year at the beginning of December.  It is open to children ages 2 through 3rd grade.  Each child may bring a parent.  Their photo is taken on arrival.

The children start the morning with a craft, then, prepare a paper Advent chain to help them count the days until Christmas.  Everyone then comes into the dining area, which is decorated with clouds for a delicious breakfast.

Just as breakfast begins, Angels arrive through the clouds singing Christmas carols!  After they sing, they greet each child individually and share the message of the coming of Jesus.  Each child has a candle at their breakfast place, along with a scroll containing a simple Family Christmas Worship Program to use at home on Christmas morning.

After breakfast, the children watch a short video segment entitled “Birth of Our Savior”.  They go home with full bellies, happy faces and wonderful memories of the Angels that came to see them.