Pastor Dave Bergstrom

Pastor Dave is married to Jeanette. Both Pastor Dave and Jeanette are active together in this ministry. They sing together. They lead small group studies together. Jeanette is a trained concert pianist and plays the harp.

They have three adult daughters and 11 grandchildren.

He graduated from Philadelphia College of Bible and from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Pastor Dave is deeply committed to teaching the Bible.

He has a passion for small group studies that focus on the Bible and books about the Bible. He believes it is in small groups that truth get taught and discussed and people discover how to apply the truth. He also love that in small groups people really begin to care about each other.

Pastor Dave is driven to lift the follower of Christ to the level of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Dave is committed to helping the church “Grow Young.” It is the way to bring life and growth into the church from generation to generation.

He invites you to come and grow young with us.