Vacation Bible School

Each summer Avondale Presbyterian Church hosts a week long summer camp for kids ages 3 through 5th grade. Each year we choose a new theme to get the kids and volunteers excited about God’s word. No one is too old or young to hear the message of God’s love at this fun filled week.

Your children will enjoy a variety of activities each day to enhance the daily “Bible Point”. These activities include: Bible Adventure, where God’s story comes to life in an interactive presentation; Bible Games, where the kids play games that reinforce the “Bible Point”; Crafts, where take home projects are created as a reminder of the day’s “Bible Point”; Snacks, where kids get re-energized on snacks made by volunteers; and Music and Skits; where kids sing and dance to uplifting music that is very contagious and will no doubt make its way into your car and home.

In addition, each VBS supports a mission for the week. In the past, we have collected shoes and school supplies, made teddy bears to send to orphans and sent Spanish Bibles to kids in need. The children’s support of these missions is overwhelming. They get so excited to do something for others.

We hope to see your children and you at our next VBS.