Cool Links


We’ve included some links to other websites for you to look at.

  • Bible Gateway – Look up passages by verse or by keyword. You can choose what version of Bible to use! (i.e., King James, NIV, The Message, etc.)
  • Bible in a Year – Sign up on this site and receive some verses of the Bible to read via email. In 365 days you will have read the whole Bible!
  • Christian Parenting Today – a site run by Christianity Today; has various resources
  • Guideposts – a site with inspiring stories by inspiring people to inspire YOU!
  • Our Prayer – a prayer ministry site uniting people from all over the world through prayer and devotion
  • Plugged In Online – Check out reviews of movies, from a Christian perspective
  • The Reach FM – A local Christian station, based out of Wilmington, DE
  • Troubled With – a site run by Focus on the Family with information for parents
  • Verse of the Day – Check out the WORD!
  • WJTL 90.3 – A local Christian station, based out of Lancaster, PA