Avondale Presbyterian Church
Joined Together as a Lifeline Between
Christ and Community


"I'm Pastor Dave Bergstrom and together

with my wife, Jeanette, (church pianist and choir

director), we want to personally invite you to worship* with us each Sunday at 10:00 am."


This is a picture of our 1870 Sanctuary; however, due to the importance of adhering to Covid-19 Restrictions, we are holding our worship services in our gymnasium (see below).  We are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant with elevators leading to all floors and ADA-Accessible bathrooms.

If you are not yet ready for in-person worship, we post the Sermons and Pastor Dave's Weekly Messages each week.  We also have convenient on-line donations through the Presbyterian Foundation - a secure, on-line way to tithe and provide offerings to the work of Christ Jesus.  To register, click DONATIONS!

*APC Gymnasium


As you can see from this picture of our gymnasium:

  • We practice social distancing,

  • Request that each person wear a face mask,

  • Do not allow singing except from our Praise Team, and

  • Do not pass the offering plate or communion elements