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Avondale Presbyterian Church
Community-Based Missions!

Sanitizing Products
In October, 2020, APC donated
over $500.00 to The Bridge Food Pantry so that they could purchase hand sanitizers and other covid-protection items for their clients.

In late August, 2020, APC Members Donated 650 pounds of rice in addition to black beans, pasta and NutriGrain® Bars to the Bridge Ministry Food Bank in West Grove, PA.


Thank You for Protecting Us!

APC's additional mission for the month of August, 2020


The first is writing Thank You Cards to local and state law enforcement officials who, by the very nature of their jobs, risk their lives in order to protect residents and property.  When these Thank You Cards are delivered to the various precincts, they will be accompanied by an assortment of eclairs, cookies and, of course, doughnuts!

APC holds a rummage sale every Spring and Fall.  To find out more about this wonderful mission, click this link.  Rummage Sale!

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