A Proclaimer Prayer
Pator Dave

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Faith Comes by Hearing
Worldly Mission

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APC's Mission for

November/December 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I introduced on Sunday the 8th of November a new missions ministry that Avondale Presbyterian Church is embracing.

There are 900 language groups that have no written language. That means these people will never read the Word of God. They will never read the words of Jesus.

The organization “Faith Comes by Hearing” is committed to having the Bible in audio form for every language group in the world by 2033.

They are putting the New Testament in audio version on a box called “The Proclaimer.” The Proclaimer is made out of the material football helmets are made of. The proclaimer is powered by solar…can recharge the batteries by hand cranking…and if here is electricity available it is powered by electricity. The battery life will last 10 years.

Each “Proclaimer” cost $157.  As of January 24, 2021, through a matching grant, APC Missions has 'purchased' 39 Proclaimers.  We shall provide regular updates on how many Proclaimers are being purchased and where each is going.

The Proclaimer is put in the hands of a Christian who goes into these areas that have no written language and they start listening groups. They listen to the Bible in their own language and then have a discussion about the scriptures they heard. Thousands and thousands of people are coming to Christ through this ministry.

Prayerfully ask God what he would like you to do in response to this great evangelistic outreach. 

Pastor Dave