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Gift Card/Script Fundraiser

Perkins Script

Acme Gift Cards

Giant Gift Cards 


This program started in
2002.  To date, APC
has earned well over $76,002.00 to pay down
its mortgage.

Remember that APC gets 5%
of your total purchase
when using the store gift
cards purchased from
Joan Rosazza!

Call or text Joan at
610-888-8067 to purchase. 

The Avondale Presbyterian Church (APC) has partnered with GIANT, ACME & PERKINS to earn money by selling gift cards or script money.  The companies have been provided with documentation showing APC is a non-profit organization which allows us to order & purchase the gift cards at a discounted price. 


GIANT & ACME offer a 5% discount & PERKINS offers 10%.  APC writes a check for the discounted price & resells the cards at full face value.  So when you purchase a gift card for $100 you get the full $100 to spend.  It’s simple & easy to use.  The companies are the ones “donating” money to pay down the APC mortgage; rewarding APC for your patronage.   The more people to participate the more money APC earns.


ACME allows the gift cards to be used at the pharmacy counter, floral department, greeting cards & for food.  GIANT allows the gift cards to be used at the floral department, for food & greetings cards but does not allow the use of gift cards at the pharmacy counter.  However GIANT gift cards can be used to purchase gas (at the store in Kennett).


PERKINS script money can be used every time you eat in at the restaurant, make a purchase at the bakery counter or for takeout orders.  In addition, four times a year, APC sets up Perkins Fun Night.  Mention you are there with APC & Perkins donates 10% of your total bill to the church.  So 4 times a year APC has the opportunity of earning 20% of your meal, 10% for using the script money to pay for your meal & an additional 10% based on the price of your meal (paid by PERKINS) as a contribution to APC. 


Gift cards for ACME are in $25, $50 & $100 increments.  Gift cards for GIANT are in $25, $50, $100 & $200 increments.  PERKINS script money are sold in $5 increments. 


To purchase the gift cards or script money please contact
Joan Rosazza by calling or texting 610-888-8067.

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